Catholic Bishops' Conference of Vietnam (CBCV)

On Septemper 9, 1659 Pope Alexander XII promulgated a decree to establish two Apostolic Vicariates of Đàng Trong and Đàng Ngoài as well as appointed two Apostolic Vicars, Francois Pallu (Đàng Ngoài) and Lambert de la Motte (Đàng Trong).

On November 24, 1960 the Hierarchy of Vietnamese Church was established with 21 dioceses managed by Vietnamese bishops.

In 2012, there are 44 living Vietnamse bishops and 26 Catholic dioceses in Việt Nam. The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Việt Nam (CBCV) has a Standing Committee and 17 Conference Committees:

1. Committee on the Bible
2. Committee on the Divine Worship
3. Committee on the Doctrine of the Faith
4. Committee on the Catholic Education
5. Committee on Evangelization
6. Committee on Charitable and Social Actions - Caritas Việt Nam
7. Committee on Clergy and Seminarians
8. Committee on Consecrated Life
9. Committee on the Laity
10. Committee on Youth
11. Committee on Family
12. Committee on Culture
13. Committee on Migration
14. Committee on Sacred Arts
15. Committee on Sacred Music
16. Committee on Social Communications
17. Committee on Justice and Peace



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